Happy Friday everyone! The fall months are nearing quickly, and I’m so excited! I’m already immersing myself in all things pumpkin while searching for the perfect fall layers! But before we say goodbye to summer, there are a still a few weeks of sunshine left to soak in :) Be sure to take a peak at my pre-fall/late summer favs for this week and enjoy the beautiful weekend! XoXo

1. Favorite summer-to-fall style by Mary Seng at Happily Grey. I love this cozy look!

Favorite Late Summer Look

2. Favorite Updo: Instead of wearing a plain ponytail or messy bun this weekend, mix it up by adding a loose dutch braid! Lauren Conrad is always showing up with hairstyles I can’t wait to try. I tried a couple different ones this past week and posted them on Instagram!

Favorite Hairstyle

3. Favorite Mani: Angelina Jolie’s Wedding Veil Translated Into Nail Art. I thought it was such a creative and unique idea to showcase your children’s artwork through embroidery! I’m curious to see if this takes off as a major trend for future mother brides. I’m sure the art embroidered veil will at least spark some new, creative ideas for preserving our children’s art in the future. Embroidered scarves, blankets, or mosaics maybe?



4. Favorite inspirational quote for optimism:

Favorite Quote

5. Favorite Fashion Trend: Jogger pants with a cropped top and stunning sandals by Marija at Sportsanista. I purchased my first pair of jogger pants and immediately wanted 10 more pairs! Super comfy and stylish.


6. Favorite Beauty Trend: Gold Tattoos. I love how these look when paired with gold arm candy!

Friday Favorites: Gold Tattoos

7. Favorite Weekend Wear by Christine at Hello Fashion Blog. I thought this was so adorable!

Friday Favorites: Favorite Weekend Wear

8. Favorite Summer-to-Fall DIY: Create your own rustic dry erase memo board for your fall bucket list brainstorming!! Once fall is here, you’ll have your list front & center & ready to tackle! Create yours by covering a piece of cardboard with burlap, then pop it into a pretty frame behind a pane of cut-to-size glass. 

Burlap Board DIY